10 facts about the big bang theory tv show

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10 facts about the big bang theory tv show

10 facts about the big bang theory tv show

The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Cooper reveals his biggest secret (Attention: spoilers!)
Great, the artificially imposed mid-season break is currently spreading and we have to do without the second half of the ninth season of “The Big Bang Theory” until the end of the year. For the viewers in the USA, the nerds continue to play with the nerds and for Sheldon Cooper, this means that in episode 19, a long-kept secret has to be revealed. We’ll tell you what the head eccentric has been successfully hiding from his friends for years, but only if you’re ready for it. Please heed our spoiler warning accordingly!

We just had a key episode of the ninth season on free TV and the relationship between Sheldon and Amy blew up every framework agreement. Now the most eccentric of all nerds comes into focus again and reveals to his girlfriend completely surprisingly what a big secret he has been able to hide successfully so far. You’ll find out more after our recap of seasons 1-8 of “The Big Bang Theory”.

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Secret revealed: Sheldon Cooper is an orderly Messi!
In the 19th episode of the ninth season of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s laptop goes down. His girlfriend Amy gives him a new one and wants to get rid of the old one, but Sheldon can’t handle it. We already knew in advance that the good man has extreme problems with changes of any kind and can hardly part with loved things or habits, but what follows now is a completely different story.

Sheldon doesn’t dispose of his garbage, but keeps it neatly in a specially rented storage room. In view of these rather bizarre circumstances, it’s not only surprising that the Messian has managed to keep this massive spleen a secret from his friends, but also that he has revealed his secret to Amy. That’s true love, I guess!

Of course, it goes without saying that all the garbage in the storage room is meticulously cleaned and sorted!

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