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las vegas tv show the big bang

“The Big Bang Theory”: Kaley Cuoco actually wanted to play a different role
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“The Big Bang Theory”: Kaley Cuoco actually wanted to play a different role
Updated: 06.05.20 17:09

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Penny actress Kaley Cuoco originally auditioned for another role – and was turned down.

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“The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco reveals that she had to audition twice because she was rejected at first – but for a completely different role.

“Big Bang Theory” without Penny? Hard to imagine. But in fact it almost happened. In a featurette on the home cinema edition of the sitcom, actress Kaley Cuoco reveals what a mysterious role named Katie was all about.

Pilot episode of “The Big Bang Theory” without Penny – but with Katie
In fact, a first version of “The Big Bang Theory” features Amanda Walsh as Katie. This first version of the pilot episode has officially never been released, but it can be found in the shallows of the internet. Kaley Cuoco describes the character of Katie as “gloomy” and “unhappy “. And she herself had once auditioned in vain for this role.

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The start of shooting of “The Big Bang Theory” was “one big mess”
Series co-creator Chuck Lorre also commented on Katie. The situation at that time was one of chaos. “Not because of the actors, but because we didn’t really understand the characters yet.” But to go through this failure was important because it was the only way he and Bill Prady could realize that the woman who lived next door to Leonard and Sheldon* had to be very careful with them because “they were really vulnerable.

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Kaley Cuoco auditioned again for “The Big Bang Theory
Less than a year later Cuoco auditioned again, this time for the newly created role of Penny- and with success. “Chuck called a year later and said, ‘It’s a new character, we want you to be in it. I auditioned and it felt so much better. It was just meant to be,” Cuoco says. The cult sitcom already has twelve seasons. The season finale will be broadcast on ProSieben on November 25.

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