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the big bang theory tv series youtube

the big bang theory tv series youtube

“The Big Bang Theory”: Did you know that? Sheldon answered that question wrong.
Scientific question

“The Big Bang Theory”: Would you have known? Sheldon answered that question wrong.
Updated: 14.05.20 17:12

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Even Sheldon (Jim Parsons) from The Big Bang Theory is not always right.

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Without a doubt, Sheldon Cooper is considered to be the smartest “The Big Bang Theory” figure. But even he answered one question wrong. Do you know the correct answer?

* In “The Big Bang Theory” the four protagonists always talk about complex scientific topics from the fields of physics, mathematics and technology.
* Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) is considered the most intelligent scientist among his friends.
* Fans, however, noticed that Sheldon answered a scientific question incorrectly in one episode.

A large percentage of “The Big Bang Theory” fans will have to admit they don’t understand a word of what the four friends Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Howard (Simon Helberg), Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Sheldonin talk about in virtually every episode. Since the four friends are involved in physics, mathematics and technology in their private and professional lives, their lives revolve around the expertise in these areas. However, not understanding any of this is not a big deal, because that’s what makes the sitcom so funny.

“The Big Bang Theory”: Sheldon and Howard engage in a knowledge duel
But if you know a little bit about it, you might have discovered a little mistake in the second episode of the 8th season. In the episode, Sheldon answers a scientific question incorrectly–which is particularly embarrassing since he’s actually trying to prove he’s as smart as Howard.

That’s what the second episode of season 8 of The Big Bang Theory is about: Sheldon, as a professor, has to teach a class that no one else signs up for but Howard. However, the two begin to argue when Sheldon deliberately makes his physics lessons too hard for his student. At a later date, Howard finally blows his top. He wants to prove to his friend that he knows more about engineering than Sheldon and therefore asks him complicated questions about the subject.

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\”The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon actually answered that scientific question wrong
The first of Howard’s questions is as follows in the original English version: What describes the strength of a material? Sheldon then gives the answer “Young’s module,” which Howard finally confirms as a correct statement. However, according to some YouTube commentators, the solution is wrong – and a simple Google search confirms this.

Do you know the correct answer? Here is the resolution:The Young’s modulus describes the elasticity of a material. By the way, in the German dubbing the error was fixed. Howard asks the question: “What describes the relationship between stress and strain of a solid object?” So the answer “Young’s modulus” would be correct.

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