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The Big Bang Theory: Solved mystery reveals Sheldon’s future after season 12
DistributionWith the end of “The Big Bang Theory” the story of Supernerd Sheldon Cooper has actually come to an end. Nevertheless, a new secret about his future after the end of season 12 has now been revealed in the offshoot “Young Sheldon”.

Attention, spoilers for season three of “Young Sheldon” follow!

In 2019, the popular sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” has ended after twelve seasons and 279 episodes. The farewell was extremely difficult for everyone involved, after all they spent a lot of time together and grew together as a team – in a new video from the last script reading, tears are rolling down your face accordingly.

But suppose it would continue after season 12 with the nerds around Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and their friends – what would happen? Big Bang” producer Bill Prady has already hinted at what their lives would be like. But better and more concrete hints are given in the official offshoot “Young Sheldon”. In the twelfth episode of the third round, recently shown in the USA, a big secret was once again revealed, which also revealed new details about Sheldon’s future.

Sheldon Cooper: Hot beverages as a consolation
The twelfth season of “The Big Bang Theory” ended with Sheldon and his wife Amy (Mayim Bialik) winning the Nobel Prize in physics. But now a small event was revealed about the time after that. But one thing at a time: …fans of the show know that the scientist likes to offer hot beverages to his fellow man when he is emotionally disturbed. But where does this quirk actually come from?

In the latest episode “Young Sheldon” the mystery is solved: In it young Sheldon (Iain Armitage) meets his old rival Paige (Mckenna Grace) again after some time, whose parents get divorced, which makes her suffer a lot. While the little genius is still walking around the house, the adult Sheldon tells her that he often offers hot drinks to other people with problems and that they become a part of his life.

Sheldon and Amy’s baby
But that’s not all: At the same time, the older Sheldon reveals a tiny detail from the future that “The Big Bang Theory” fans were deprived of in the mother series. Already in the finale of the first season of “Young Sheldon” it was revealed that the physicist would have children later. Now, he also revealed that at least one of the births will be so difficult that he wants to bring his beloved one a drink, too.

Typically for Sheldon he has a nice idea at the completely wrong time and that’s why Amy will want to pour the drink in his face because the contractions are getting so violent.

It’s really just a tiny detail that gets betrayed, but it also shows that in “The Big Bang Theory” world after season 12, Sheldon will hardly change in some things. By the way, the prequel “Young Sheldon” is currently shown in Germany every Monday at 8:15 pm on ProSieben – that’s where the third season is shown. And who knows, maybe the series will reveal even more about “The Big Bang Theory” in the future.

A fourth season has already been ordered.


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