Big Bang Theory Cast at Comic Con 2009 Panel – "You’re Hot Too"

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After an audience member informs Kaley how hot she is, Kaley is compelled to return the favor.

“The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco plans new series
Kaley Cuoco became famous as the penny in The Big Bang Theory. After the end of the series in 2019 she plays a stewardess in the thriller series “The Flight Attendant”.

Kaley Cuoco has found a new film role. After the last season of the series was broadcasted in May 2019, Kaley Cuoco will appear in the mini-series “The Flight Attendant”. The template for this is the thriller of the same name by Chris Bohjalian. Cuoco plays the stewardess Cassandra Bowden, who wakes up one morning in a hotel in Dubai next to a corpse.

In the mini-series “The Flight Attendant” Kaley Cuoco plays a stewardess
Because she is afraid of the police, she decides to simply continue her previous life. as if nothing had happened. Only when an FBI agent tracks her down at the airport in New York and asks her questions about the night in Dubai, the stewardess starts to question herself whether she can be a murderer.

Kaley Cuoco not only plays the leading role of Cassandra Brown in the series “The Flight Attendant”. She also appears as a producer. Her company ” Yes, Norman Productions” already secured the rights to the book “The Flight Attendant” in 2017 together with the studio Warner Bros. Television. The mini-series is to be published in the streaming service of the media group Warner Bros. The date of publication is not yet known.

Kaley Cuoco became famous as Penny in The Big Bang Theory
However, the cartoon series for adults “Harley Quinn” is to be premiered in 2019. Kaley Cuoco lends her voice to the title character. For the series, Cuoco’s company “Yes, Norman Productions” is already working with Warner Bros.

Kaley Cuoco is best known for the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. There she could be seen as waitress Penny. She was the neighbor of the scientists Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter. The latter married Penny. The series ended after twelve years in May 2019. Kaley Cuoco is considered one of the highest-paid actresses on the Forbes list. [JEWEWELE, DPA]

A selection from Kaley Cuoco’s filmography:

* Alaska of all places (1994)
* The Tooth Fairy (1997)
* The Bowling Gang (2000)
* The Big Bang Theory ( )
* Handsome: A Netflix mystery (2017)

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