Why is The Big Bang Theory (TV series) so popular?

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Why is The Big Bang Theory (TV series) so popular?


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“The Big Bang Theory” stars talk about parting pain and cool nerd types
Los Angeles –

It was the most successful sitcom in America for twelve years. The recipe of “The Big Bang Theory”: You mix quirky nerd types with female beauty. That’s how Sheldon, Leonard and Penny became cult figures in pop culture. But after 12 years, the last season is about to be shot.

How hard is it to say good-bye after such a long time?

Johnny Galecki:I already feel deep sadness that it will soon be over. We love being on set, we love the show and we all love each other. The decision to break up was very hard for all of us. There were many tears. But in the end we all agreed that it was the right time.

Kaley Cuoco:When I was informed, I cried. I couldn’t talk at all, just sobbed. I think the whole crew was in tears for 30 minutes and we comforted each other. It took me a good week to get myself together.

Jim Parsons:The thought that you won’t see each other again soon is the most painful. It’s like having to have your dog put down. I know that sounds a bit morbid, but it’s the same thing. The fact is, we are not only colleagues, but we have grown into a family over the past twelve years. I think the closer the last scene gets, the harder it will be.

You already sound very sentimental.

Jim Parsons:Normally I don’t tend to be a sentimental person. But in this case, I’m overcome with it. I really hope that we all see each other again on the last day of the recording.

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Johnny Galecki: Maybe we will all go away together after the end of shooting. It should be a weekend together. A simple Goodbye party would not be appropriate. That’s what Kaley and I were just talking about today.

Kaley Cuoco: It would be a mega-deal.

Is there a souvenir from set that you’d like to take home with you?

Kaley Cuoco:In the living room on the left side is a picture of a robot with a donut in his hand. It’s a very weird piece of art. It was hanging there during the Pilot episode and I really want it!

Johnny Galecki: I’ve taken quite a few in the last few months (winks). But I really want Leonard’s glasses. And Simon Helberg (he plays Howard Wolowitz) I’m also taking (laughs)…

Jim Parsons: Hey, I’ve been thinking the same thing. Simon and I shared a dressing room. I’ve had some deep conversations with him over the 12 years. Man, am I going to miss this!

But Simon is not a prop.

Jim Parsons:Okay, there’s a striped pillow on the couch in the apartment. It seems to be especially valuable because it’s never there during rehearsals, only when we’re shooting. There must be only one of them. And I would like to have that. For the couch in my mother’s house. She loves this show more than any other fan and she’s heartbroken that it’s about to end.

Have you decided how the show will end?

Johnny Galecki:No. The last episode hasn’t even been written yet. Of course there are already some final versions online. But please don’t fall for that! We know nothing and a script exists – if at all – only in the mind of producer Chuck Lorre.

Jim Parsons:Even if there is a script, the actors are always left in the dark about how the series ends. I’ve been caught on the wrong foot with Sheldon many times over the last twelve years…

If you could choose, how would the final show end for you?

Kaley Cuoco:Penny has always stressed that she doesn’t want to have kids and instead wants to focus on her career. I think that’s good because as a woman she’s very happy with that. But a small part of me is hoping that she will change her mind again. She is one of the most adorable characters of all time and she should just have children. She would be a perfect mother.

Johnny Galecki:You think so? I don’t think Leonard’s going to be a father again. Otherwise, I have complete faith in the writers of the show. They’ve never let us down before.

Jim Parsons:Well, I don’t have any baby rumors, do I? And my death is out of the question because in Young Sheldon I’m the voice of old Sheldon from the future. My gut tells me nothing big,new,totally crazy is gonna happen with sheldon. It just wouldn’t be right for him.

\”The Big Bang Theory has influenced pop culture and made nerd dudes cool.

Jim Parsons:We have put a group of people who were always seen as outsiders in a better light. Because we also showed them from a different side than what they were thought to be.

Jim Parsons in his serial role “Sheldon Cooper” with girlfriend “Amy Farrah-Fowler”, played by Mayim Bialik.

Johnny Galecki:I think the word “geek” has been redefined by the show. It’s no longer just a guy with glasses and a calculator in his shirt, but someone who is incredibly passionate about what he loves above all else. And that’s what made this show so popular, because everyone can identify with it.

Kaley Cuoco:I can see that too. When we strive for something with all our soul, it shows our passion. Just like my horses are. When I was a teenager I was always called “Pony Girl” and I hated it. Today I want to be the “Pony Girl” and take it as a compliment.

How much has your life changed since the pilot in 2006?

Kaley Cuoco:I spent my entire twenties as Penny. So much has changed in my life, there have been ups and downs. Husbands and crises, deaths and babies. Basically, I will draw on my experiences all my life – and that is incredibly positive.

Jim Parsons:I had a flashback the other day. I drove past a used car dealer. I bought a used Jetta there shortly after we got the green light for the first season. I didn’t know how long the series would run. But I knew that I could sleep in the car if I had no money left for a rental apartment.

And today you make millions with every episode. What do you do with all that money?

Johnny Galecki: I’m bad with numbers. I leave it to my accountants to invest it well.

Kaley Cuoco: And I bought some horses. Pony Girl halt (laughs) It’s a good feeling to know that you’re financially secure for the future. And that you have earned it yourself.

Do you already have plans for the “after”?

Johnny Galecki:I’m just looking forward to relaxing again. Chilling on the beach for a few days and reading a book. I’ll be traveling again too.

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Kaley Cuoco:So I can forget about relaxing. I started my own production company last year and we just secured the rights for our first TV project. The book is called “The Flight Attendant” and we will have to put a lot of work into it before we shoot next year.

Jim Parsons:Professionally there is a lot of talk, but let’s see. I’m definitely moving back to the East Coast with my husband. We want to live there permanently. Of course, I’ll be going back to Los Angeles for jobs. Apart from that, I find it exciting that I just don’t know what’s going to happen – after being pretty tightly integrated for the last decade.

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