What is Melissa Rauch doing now?

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What is Melissa Rauch doing now?

What is Melissa Rauch doing now?

Why BBT star Melissa Rauch is worried about her baby
It is a message that usually fills a woman with pure joy: “Big Bang Theory” star Melissa Rauch (Bernadette Rostenkowski) is pregnant. But the actress’s joy is also mixed with great fear. With good reason.

Because the last pregnancy of the 37-year-old ended with a miscarriage. A traumatic experience for Melissa Rauch, as she writes in an essay for the US Glamour, in which she speaks of herself in the third person: “Melissa is expecting her first child. She is extremely overjoyed, but if she is honest, since she had a miscarriage, she is also quite scared of the moment when it will happen”.

She continues: “It feels strange for her to announce it at all and would rather wait until her child goes to university to tell anyone. But she understands that she prefers to share the news herself before someone sees her in the middle of pregnancy with an outstanding belly”.

Melissa Rauch about her miscarriage: “The worst grief of my life!”
She talks about her miscarriage and the terrible grief that followed. “It was the worst grief of her life,” writes Melissa Rauch. In the time that followed, as she mourned the loss of the baby, she was unable to really be happy for other women who had successfully delivered a child. “It felt like a new stab in the heart every time. At the same time, she was ashamed of her feelings.

She had not been prepared for the psychological or hormonal stress after the miscarriage. “If she had known more about it, she might have been better able to cope with the extreme depression.”

Rauch pleads for better counseling for women who have miscarried. She is looking forward to her baby, but is terrified that something so horrible could happen again.







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